Sapphire Colour Cards

Facilitating the gem trade with new tools, techniques, standards, and methodologies are one of the major goals of NGE. Communicating color information of colored gemstones has never been easier with sapphire color cards.

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Yellow Sapphire(1.610ct)

Blue Sapphire(1.390ct)

Blue Sapphire(0.720ct)

Blue Sapphire(0.770ct)

Blue Sapphire(1.560ct)

Blue Sapphire(1.090ct)

White Sapphire(1.810ct)

Blue Sapphire(2.220ct)

Blue Sapphire(0.750ct)

Yellow Sapphire(0.600ct)

Blue Sapphire(0.860ct)

Blue Sapphire(0.530ct)

Bi-Colour Sapphire(0.940ct)

Blue Sapphire(1.230ct)

Pink Sapphire(0.840ct)

Yellow Sapphire(0.880ct)

Yellow Sapphire(0.870ct)

Blue Sapphire(2.110ct)

Blue Sapphire(1.760ct)

Green Tourmaline (3.000ct)

White Sapphire(1.180ct)

Blue Sapphire(1.920ct)

Yellow Sapphire(0.750ct)

Yellow Sapphire(0.760ct)

Yellow Sapphire(1.030ct)

Blue Sapphire(1.150ct)

White Sapphire(1.070ct)

Blue Sapphire(0.660ct)

Pink Sapphire(0.680ct)

Yellow Sapphire(0.950ct)

Blue Sapphire(1.160ct)

Yellow Sapphire(1.080ct)

Blue Sapphire(0.760ct)

Yellow Sapphire(0.600ct)

Blue Sapphire(1.310ct)

Blue Sapphire(0.990ct)

Blue Sapphrie(1.210ct)

Pink Sapphire(0.990ct)

Yellow Sapphire(0.860ct)

Blue Sapphire(0.880ct)

Blue Sapphire(1.220ct)

Orange Sapphire(3.300ct)

Blue Sapphire(2.340ct)

Purple Sapphire(0.540ct)

Yellow Sapphire(0.980ct)

Green Sapphire(1.520ct)

Blue Sapphire(1.200ct)

Pink Sapphire(1.010ct)

Pink Sapphire(0.590ct)

Yellow Sapphire(0.850ct)

Pink Sapphire(0.650ct)

Yellow Sapphire(0.840ct)

Blue Sapphire(1.250ct)